Fellow Awards

2024 Fellow Awards 

CHM proudly presents its 2024 Fellow Award honorees:

Allan Alcorn, Nolan Bushnell, and Steven Mayer: For their pioneering role in the development of the video game and personal computing industries

Elizabeth “Jake” Feinler: For inspiring and creative leadership of the Network Information Centers that helped shape today’s internet

Jensen Huang: For visionary leadership in the advancement of devices and systems for computer graphics, accelerated computing, and artificial intelligence

Learn more about this year’s honorees and the 2024 Fellow Awards.

Fellow Nominations

Now accepting nominations for 2025 Fellow Honorees. The deadline for 2025 nominations is December 31, 2024. 

Fellow nominations are open to the public and reflect a diverse range of viewpoints and areas of computing. Final selection is made by a panel of historians, researchers, industry leaders, CHM staff, and past Fellow Award honorees.

Selection Criteria and Process

This public nomination process helps CHM to identify qualified candidates who best fit the selection criteria. By drawing on the cumulative industry knowledge of our community, the written nomination process helps to document and enrich our understanding of candidates’ contributions.

Review our selection criteria and process.



Event sponsors enjoy an elite and powerful opportunity to take their place among other industry leaders, to communicate with a renowned and influential audience, and to show their support of the honorees at CHM, the premier institution that preserves and interprets the pivotal objects and stories of the computing revolution.

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Fellow Awards: A CHM Tradition


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