2021 CHM Fellow Awards

A Virtual Yearlong Celebration

The 2021 CHM Fellow Awards marks the Museum’s first-ever virtual Fellow Awards. CHM will celebrate the 2021 Fellows in a yearlong four-part series of thought-provoking virtual events and engaging digital content that explores the story and impact of each honoree and the present and future of tech for humanity.


Spring: Trust & Collaboration

Raymond Ozzie│Thursday, March 18, 2021

Building a Better World Through Tech for Collaboration
Celebrating 2021 CHM Fellow Raymond Ozzie with Bill Gates, Esther Dyson, Mark Cuban, and Others

Ray Ozzie’s story and accomplishments was honored on March 18. He was celebrated through storytelling, tributes, and a dynamic panel discussion about the present and future of tech for collaboration. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, tech media pioneer Esther Dyson, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, scholar danah boyd, tech pioneer Mitch Kapor, and others will add their voices to the celebration and conversation about tech shaping a better future for humanity.

For all footage from “Building a Better World through Tech for Collaboration,” video extras, and related content, visit our dedicated page to 2021 CHM Fellow Ray Ozzie.

Summer: Diversity & Inclusion

Raj Reddy│ Thursday, June 24, 2021

A celebration of Raj Reddy for his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer science education

Raj Reddy revolutionized AI and speaker-independent continuous speech recognition and founded the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, one of the top three such labs in the world.

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Fall: Leadership & Ethics

Andries van Dam│Thursday, September 23, 2021

A celebration of Andries van Dam for a lifetime of contributions to computer graphics, hypertext, and education

Over more than five decades at Brown University, van Dam pioneered important aspects of computer graphics, hypertext and the online world, and the intersection of computing and the humanities, revolutionizing these fields and influencing countless students.

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Winter: Creativity & Expression

Lillian F. Schwartz│Thursday, December 09, 2021

A celebration of Lillian F. Schwartz for her pioneering work at the intersection of art and computing

In the 1970s, Schwartz created a series of pioneering impactful computer-based films at Bell Labs using cutting-edge computer animations, encouraging developments that have made the computer into an indispensable tool for artists today.

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Hall of Fellows

For over three decades, the CHM Fellow Awards Program has honored distinguished technology pioneers—unsung heroes and legends—for their outstanding merit and significant contributions that have advanced computing, illuminated our world, and propelled humanity forward. Past honorees include Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, NASA mathematician and “hidden figure” Katherine Johnson, internet pioneer Vint Cerf, and ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik. Their stories are preserved for future generations in CHM’s Hall of Fellows.

Explore our Hall of Fellows.

Image: 2008 Fellows Linus Torvalds, Jean Bartik, and Bob Metcalfe


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