From the heart of Silicon Valley, we share insights gleaned from our research, our events, and our incomparable collection of computing artifacts and oral histories to convene, inform, and inspire people to build a better world. 


  • Technological progress should be in service to human progress.
  • Technology created and applied ethically can expand access to opportunity.
  • Our computational past informs our digital present with lessons that span generations.

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To explore the computing revolution and its impact on the human experience.


To preserve and present for posterity the artifacts and stories of the Information Age.




We facilitate dialogue and stimulate debate to encourage civic discourse about creative ideas and critical issues. Original programming convenes today’s thought leaders, entrepreneurs, historians, scholars, policymakers, innovators, and journalists from a variety of fields and disciplines.

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We advance knowledge and the exchange of ideas through our commitment to thought leadership. Our centers of expertise and programs expand the understanding of technology through focused research, publishing, and programming efforts that build community, disseminate knowledge, and offer unique insights.

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We facilitate learning through unparalleled experiences that encourage personal connections. CHM makes technology accessible and relevant for visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and interests through comprehensive and timely exhibits, interactive learning experiences, dynamic programming, and original media productions.

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We steward the world’s foremost collection to preserve our collective history. Our collecting scope spans calculators to robots and provides unique perspectives into the online world, entrepreneurship, and software. The foundation of all we do, our collection relies on the preservation expertise and pioneering efforts of many.

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