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CHM is the leading museum decoding computing’s ongoing impact on our world. From the heart of Silicon Valley, we are uniquely positioned to cull the key lessons of the past and through our research, exhibits, events, and incomparable collection of computing artifacts create informed digital citizens empowered to make the choices that will shape a better future.


  • Our computing past informs our digital present with lessons that span generations.
  • Technology should be created and applied ethically and expand access to opportunity.
  • Technological progress should be in service to human progress.


We decode technology through:


To shape a better future.


CHM decodes technology—its computing past, digital present, and future impact on humanity.




We collect and care for the artifacts and stories of the ongoing computing revolution to understand how our digital world came to be and where it might be headed. The foundation of all we do, our collection relies on the preservation expertise and pioneering efforts of many.

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We facilitate dialogue and stimulate debate about critical issues in technology, because the actions we take today create the future we live in tomorrow. Original programming convenes today’s thought leaders, entrepreneurs, historians, scholars, policymakers, innovators, and journalists from a variety of fields and disciplines.

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We provide engaging experiences that make technology and computing history accessible and relevant to people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, empowering them to make choices for a better future. Experiences include exhibits, artifact showcases, digital games, and other activities.

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CHM Annual Reports


Along with our financial statements for fiscal year 2023, learn about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed. Check out special projects, a recap of CHM Live programming, educational initiatives, and unique new additions to our world-class collection of artifacts and oral histories.

Annual Report FY 2023

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