Our community shares a vision for a future where technology serves everyone.

There’s a revolution going on. Tech innovations are happening so fast, it can be hard to keep up, or to understand the potential benefits and risks.

Supporting Members like you make it possible for CHM to decode technology for all. Sharing lessons from the past and insights into today’s digital world through our research, collections, exhibits, and programs, we give people the knowledge they need to make informed choices about the tech they use and create.

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Supporting Member Benefits

When you donate to CHM, you support our mission to decode technology and help to advance our work building a future where technology serves everyone. Those who support the Museum at $15 and above also enjoy: 

A subscription to CHM quarterly Member newsletters
Invitations to Members-only event receptions
50% discount on two full-priced adult tickets per visit
10% discount at the Museum store and café   

Frequently Asked Questions

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