Election 2020

November 3 will bear witness to a landmark federal election in the United States. Civil rights, climate change, management of future pandemics, a widening digital divide, and cyberterrorism are just some of the pressing issues that America’s newly elected leadership will face. This election also brings to light larger questions surrounding government trust and the threats to America’s founding democratic values. Because of the issues at stake, this election has the ability to impact our future unlike any other in history. 

As part of  CHM’s mission to decode technology for a new generation of digital citizens, we’ve created a variety of events and resources as we count down to the 2020 election. Historical facts mix with current insights and stories to provide you with the information you’ll need this November.


Technology, Media, and Elections

US presidents have telegraphed and tweeted to grab your attention. The technology behind political activism, the right to vote, presidential campaigns, and propaganda influences voters’ decisions generation after generation. The desire to influence you has not changed, but the tools to get your vote on election day have never been more persuasive.

Learn about the longstanding history of technology and media in elections and the questions they raise about America’s democratic values today.

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Voter Resources

Do your part. Register to vote, familiarize yourself with upcoming deadlines, check your voter registration, and more. Voting rules are different in each state. Be sure to check what options you have for November. The best source of information for how voting works in your state is your state’s election authority.


Check your Voter Registration 

Voter Registration Deadlines

Find Your State of Local Election Website

Sourced from USAgov

Discussion Guide for High School Students

This discussion guide prompts reflection and critical thinking about the ways technology, as an integral part of politics and elections, has had an impact on history and our lives today. Educators, parents and mentors can use this guide to support students as they explore two sections: 1. Campaigning, Propaganda, and #FakeNews; and, 2. Voting Process, Security, and Equity. Each section will ask students to closely examine digital images, then respond to questions and engage in discussion about these topics.

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