Decoding Tech and (Mis)Trust

Decoding Tech and (Mis)Trust

We live in an age of escalating technological disruption. Forces seemingly beyond our control can give us wonderful benefits, or take them away, and sometimes they can do both at the same time. It is natural to be concerned about change. CHM decodes technology for everyone, providing objective, helpful context for people to become informed technological citizens.

We explore the tradeoffs of belonging and community versus privacy and security, tracing your personal data–and even your DNA–from you to massive databases and beyond. We’ll help you determine if you can trust your tech, and the tech innovators and companies behind it.

These days, new tech innovations increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI), a source of anxiety as well as hope for many. With decades of experience interpreting AI, CHM is uniquely positioned to explain what it is, how it works, and its impact on our daily lives—past, present, and future. We’ll help you understand the line between fact and (science) fiction.

AI and Your Data

Find out how AI innovations may use your data to in ways that you may not realize, or approve of, in credit scores, social media accounts and more. 


Image caption: From CHM’s collection, Baxter Robot back row. Mobile Armatron, Omnibot 2000, and Armatron Robotic Arm front row, left to right.


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