Core Magazine

Core Magazine, 2018

Technology has changed our lives time and time again. Take a look at one of those revolutions with a 360-degree feature on the iPhone.

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Explore the Computer History Museum’s unique, 360-degree approach to interpretation and storytelling in our latest issue of Core magazine. Our current research and collection efforts unveil new insights into the history and impact of computing, while our creative work in programming and education engage minds, encourage questions, and spark imagination. Discover our fresh take on live programming, explore the increasing use of our computing artifacts in a variety of exhibits around the world, and consider how intersectionality is at work in our Center for Software History. Featured is an exceptional suite of articles dedicated to our iPhone 360 Project, an integrated initiative across the Museum spearheaded by our Exponential Center that explores the iPhone’s prehistory, inception, and launch to its evolution and impact. For more information, visit


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