Core Magazine

Core Magazine, 2015

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Moore's law with stories on the evolution of transistors.

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Featured is a special series of articles in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law, the famous postulate first published by the legendary Gordon Moore in 1965 that forms the foundation of our electronic age. Authors Walter Isaacson, David C. Brock, Steven Levy, and Steve Jurvetson explore the history, legacy, and future of Moore’s Law. Go behind the scenes of the Museum’s 2014 summer exhibit, Fearless Genius. Learn about the media team’s exciting documentary efforts to bring you the making of Photoshop Mix for our upcoming exhibition Make Software: Change the World! Take a trip down memory lane to the era of Big Iron and gain an exclusive first glimpse into the Paul Pierce Collection. Go on the road with Revolutionaries to NPR’s Studio One in Washington, DC. And discover how our education team is empowering middle-school students with its new program Broadcom Presents Design_Code_Build.


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