Core Magazine

Core Magazine, 2013

Focus on software with our stories on software archaeology, where wikis come from, and our new exhibit on changing the world with software.

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This year we are embarking upon a major initiative to take stock of the history of software and the implications for all of us in the future—a multiplatform project that we call Make Software: Change the World! Our aim with Make Software is to explain the impact of software for visitors of all ages and geekiness levels. Make Software will focus on game-changing stories of break-through software applications that touch almost every facet of modern life. You’ll read about Make Software in this issue of Core and also learn how much the Museum is doing to preserve the rich and complicated history of software in our archival and curatorial work. You’ll discover the story of our new digital repository, which now holds more than two terabytes of vintage code and much of its related documentation—and so much more. And you’ll sample a fascinating oral history of Ward Cunningham, who developed the wiki as a simple, ubiquitous publishing tool.


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