The Great Tech Story

Where did your phone, game console, or latest app come from? How did computing in the past evolve into what we experience today? Who were the great pioneers and what were the innovations that shaped our digital age? How can you make a difference in how tech can impact the world for better?

Have fun and learn in The Great Tech Story, the Computer History Museum’s world in Minecraft: Education Edition!

Inside the World

Immerse yourself in the amazing story of computing throughout history and interact with tech people and ideas that are changing the world today, so you can help shape a better future for all of us.

Through in-game experiences and build challenges, students ages 8-18 will be inspired as they explore the computing past and be empowered to build a better future with tech. Engage with key artifacts and innovators, teleport to immersive experiences to learn hardware and software concepts, meet a startup team, debate ethics in tech, and reflect on how tech is used in daily life. Solve a problem for your community or the world by applying your new knowledge and skills to complete a Build Challenge.

Game challenges focus on collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to build players’ capacity as active problem-solvers, digital citizens, and future innovators.

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Save Your Energy!

Building Sustainable Technology

Throughout history, technology has been used to solve problems and make our lives better. For example, some technologies have enabled us to heat our homes with solar power or to drive cars that do not rely on fossil fuels. But today, many technologies contribute to climate change.

As we look to the future, what can we do to make sure that the technology we use at home, school, and in our communities is safe, fair, and sustainable? We have to rethink how we design and make new tech, how we use it, and how we dispose of it when we don’t want it anymore. What can we do to save our energy?

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