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Building Technology To Learn

Technology is everywhere. Although we may not think about it, or even notice it, technology can help to make life easier and more fun. Tech tools can also be used to help people learn. A computer with internet access can help a student explore educational content that isn’t available at their school. A teacher can use technology to make a classroom or a lesson more interactive or more fun. Technology can be used to help students with different abilities to access learning opportunities.

Design your ideal school and include technology that helps every student succeed and provides teachers with the tools they need to engage students in learning. Consider students with different abilities.

Resources for Educators and Students

CHM Minecraft Educator Resource Guide

CHM Minecraft Student Resource Guide (or download the PDF)

Education Technology Stories From CHM

Pros and Cons of Educational Tech

Technology can go a long way toward providing the instruction students need with online classes, livestream and videotaped lessons, e-textbooks, gamified learning tools, collaboration software, and online curriculum and resources. But there are also downsides that we need to keep in mind.

What types of technologies will you use in your ideal school and which ones will you avoid? Why?

Reading time: 20 minutes

Technology Is the Only Way to Open Schools in the Fall—iBut It’s Far From Perfect

Who Needs a Personal Computer?

This 1980s advertisement from Apple makes the case for why computers should be available for kids in school and in the home. Before the personal computer was invented, computers were huge and very expensive and only used by large corporations and government. The Apple IIc was a new, cutting-edge technology for its time.

What very new technology might you add to your ideal school?

Reading time: 5 minutes

Who Needs a Personal Computer

Changing the Way We Learn

Read about two women who are passionate about expanding access to learning through technology. Daphne Koller cofounded online course platform Coursera to provide a quality education to people everywhere. Debra Sterling founded GoldieBlox to encourage girls to become interested in engineering and technology.

What lessons can you take away from their experiences to make your ideal school?

Reading time: 20 minutes

Opening Doors and Disrupting Labs 

The Dynabook

They Dynabook was a computing tablet imagined by inventor Alan Kay in 1968 that was never fully developed. The idea was that it would adapt to every child’s learning needs.

What technology can you include in your ideal school to help all kinds of different students?

Reading Time: 5 minutes 

The Dynabook

Submit Your Work

Educators, parents, and students over the age of 18 may submit videos of their completed build challenge. Video submissions should show the finished build with student narration to explain: what they built, why they built it, and how they integrated concepts from the immersive experiences and museum content. Videos should be no more than two minutes long.



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