FunTech Summer

Building Fun and Accessible Technology

Technology is everywhere. Although we may not think about it, or even notice it, technology can help to make life easier and more fun. Tech tools can be used to build complex things like skyscrapers and medical devices. Software can be used to model the way something might work before it’s built, like simulations to prevent injuries in a car crash. Tech can also provide opportunities for all kinds of people to experience new things.

Design a summer experience, like a water park or fairgrounds, that uses technology to make activities more fun and accessible to everyone in your peer group, including people with different interests and abilities.

Resources for Educators and Students

CHM Minecraft Educator Resource Guide

CHM Minecraft Student Resource Guide (or download the PDF)

“Fun” Technology Stories From CHM

When a Bit Became a Pixel: The History of Computer Graphics

This video shows how developing technology to be able to draw and create 3D models on computers helped them become tools for creating movies, games, and to help engineers design cars, bridges, buildings, and more.

Think about how you could use animations, special effects, and virtual reality in your FunTech Summer experience.

Viewing time: 11:46 (total)

When a Bit Became a Pixel

The Art and Technology of Cirque de Soleil

Cirque du Soleil sparks the imagination and emotions of people around the world. This video provides a rare a glimpse into the technical “magic” and the collaborative and creative process behind their imaginative and daring programs. A case study 

How can you use technology to create a little unexpected “magic” in your FunTech Summer activity?

Viewing time: 54:09 (total)

Key sections: 3:52-6:26 (collaborating on new projects); 12:42-16:50 (using technology to create a show); 27:17-30:04 (a clip from the Michael Jackson ONE show).

The Art and Technology of Cirque de Soleil

UpStart: The Kansas City Sports Ecosystem

Learn about Kansas City’s unique cluster of world-class stadium architects, fan-experience innovators, and sports-tech startups.

How could you use sensors and data to give visitors a better experience in your FunTech Summer?

Viewing time: 5:40 (total)

UpStart: The Kansas City Sports Ecosystem

RISC: Is Simpler Better?

See how very small microchips can be put into all kinds of things to make them run and to gather information—even running shoes!

Where could you install chips in your FunTech Summer experience and what would you want them to do?

RISC: Is Simpler Better

Submit Your Work

Educators, parents, and students over the age of 18 may submit videos of their completed build challenge. Video submissions should show the finished build with student narration to explain: what they built, why they built it, and how they integrated concepts from the immersive experiences and museum content. Videos should be no more than two minutes long.



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