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CHM Teaches Students How Tech Can Solve Real-World Challenges Via Interactive Roblox Experience

Mountain View, CA  |  September 15, 2022

Elementary school students, educators and families explore current and historical applications of technology and computing

Computer History Museum (CHM), a leading museum and non-profit organization based in the heart of Silicon Valley, has teamed up with metaverse studio MELON to announce TechQuest –a new interactive experience uncovering the history and present-day applications of technology and computing. TechQuest is available for free on Roblox, a global online platform connecting millions of people through shared experiences and providing students, educators and families with a virtual, interactive learning experience and free creation tools. With the gaming industry expected to hit $321 billion by 2026, and the recent proliferation of the metaverse, TechQuest is defining the future of technology and computing education.  

Using drones, VR goggles and hacker tools, experience visitors complete tasks and earn rewards as they learn how technology is used in two virtual worlds – environmental conservation and automation. Enjoyable for the whole family, the experience invites players to discover the unique ways technology is being used to solve problems, learn about the way we live and make the world a better place for humans and animals alike, whether identifying zebras in a herd, protecting trees in the rainforest, or making a playground more accessible.  

The virtual TechQuest space includes an exhibit hall featuring artifacts from CHM’s collection and content revealing connections between historic stepping stones from computing history to today’s technologies, encouraging visitors to take action and see themselves as the builders, makers and innovators of tomorrow. In the Automation World – composed of a park, playground, candy factory, school and home – players can explore 3D printing in school and create an accessible playground, while in the Conservation World – composed of the African Savannah, Amazon Rainforest, farmland and ocean – they can set up heat sensors to identify animals in the rainforest and pilot robotic bee drones to help pollinate plants.    

Dan’l Lewin, President & CEO, Computer History Museum, said, “At CHM, we make technology accessible and relevant for people of all ages. TechQuest, our educational experience on the Roblox platform, pilots a new approach to engaging learners around the world. By exploring connections to computing history and applying technology in real-world settings, visitors will experience how technology can serve humanity.” 

Josh Neuman, President of MELON, said “Educational games on Roblox is a priority for us at MELON. We’re focused on creating exciting experiences where players are learning and having fun while exploring expansive, high-fidelity worlds.” 

Aimed at revealing how present-day tech is connected to computing history, TechQuest offers a fun way for students and educators to connect with CHM’s content and learn about computer history past, present and future on a popular immersive platform with a global audience. Initial support for the experience creation was provided by Chris and Irma Fralic, KLA Foundation and the Severns Family Foundation.  

The Computer History Museum game, TechQuest, on Roblox can be found here starting today at 2 p.m. PT.  

About CHM   

The Computer History Museum’s (CHM) mission is to decode technology--the computing past, digital present, and future impact on humanity. From the heart of Silicon Valley, we share insights gleaned from our research, our events, and our incomparable collection of computing artifacts and oral histories to convene, inform, and empower people to build a better world.


About MELON 

Founded in 2017, MELON is a powerhouse development studio for the metaverse. They are creating original game properties and building some of the most innovative experiences across sports, music, film/TV, fashion and brands on the Roblox platform and beyond. MELON’s partnerships with major music labels and consumer product IP have gathered and engaged hundreds of millions of visits around the world. 



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