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CHM Honors Tech Industry Pioneers for Lifetime Achievements and Contributions to Humanity

Mountain View, CA  |  April 13, 2022

Annual award program pays tribute to honorees whose work made significant contributions to computer science, education, computer networks, and more

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — April 13, 2022 — The Computer History Museum (CHM), the leading institution decoding technology—its computing past, digital present, and future impact on humanity—today proudly announced its 2022 Fellow Award honorees: 

  • Adele Goldberg: For the promotion and codevelopment of the Smalltalk programming environment and for contributions that advanced the use of computers in education. 
  • Dan Ingalls: For the creation and codevelopment of the Smalltalk language and programming environment. 
  • Don Bitzer: For pioneering online education and communities with PLATO and coinventing the plasma display.  
  • Leonard Kleinrock: For his pioneering work on the mathematical theory of computer networks and roles in the ARPANET and in expanding the internet. 

The CHM Fellow Awards Program honors distinguished technology pioneers—unsung heroes and legends—for their outstanding merit and significant contributions to the advancement of computing and the evolution of the digital age. This year’s Fellow Awards gala, presented by headline sponsor Accenture, will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2022, at CHM.  

“At Accenture, we’ve seen what happens when the promise of technology meets human ingenuity, and the Computer History Museum exemplifies this with their focus on decoding technologyits computing past, digital present, and future impact on us all,” says Accenture’s Group Chief Executive, Technology and Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty. “The CHM Fellow Awards pay tribute to the amazing pioneers of this journey. Accenture is proud to support the 2022 awards, and we congratulate this year’s honorees.” 

This prestigious program is supported with collecting, education, research, and media efforts that reflect the seminal work of each Fellow Honoree and preserve their stories for future generations. Fellows are selected annually through a public nomination process and honored at an exclusive gala ceremony. Selections are made by a panel of historians, researchers, industry leaders, CHM staff and past Fellows. 

“At CHM, we’re committed to decoding technology and its impact on humanity,” said Dan’l Lewin, CHM’s CEO. “This remarkable Fellows class has made profound impact across the computing world, from programming to computer networks to online education. By shining a light on their impressive achievements, we can gain key insights while also sparking conversations on the importance of technology for the future of humanity.” 

Over its three-decade history, the Fellows awards represent the diverse ways people have contributed to computing. Previous winners include Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, NASA mathematician and “hidden figure” Katherine Johnson, creator of Java James Gosling, software pioneer Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, semiconductor pioneer Gordon Moore, and world wide web creator Tim Berners Lee. 

“We are proud to honor this outstanding class of Fellows, who are all pioneers in their respective fields,” said Ike Nassi, CHM Fellow Selection Committee Chair and longtime board member. “We’re excited to celebrate this distinguished group of individuals and their innovative work which continues to positively impact our lives to this day.” 

For more information about the 2022 Fellow Awards and the history of the program, please visit the Museum’s website. 

About CHM 

The Computer History Museum’s (CHM) mission is to decode technology--the computing past, digital present, and future impact on humanity. From the heart of Silicon Valley, we share insights gleaned from our research, our events, and our incomparable collection of computing artifacts and oral histories to convene, inform, and empower people to build a better world. 


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