Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Prize

2021 Changemaker Finalists

The Prize applicants and winners from around the world are united in their great achievements to promote scientific, cultural and humanistic values in their work. They all are notable examples for making our world a better place!

— Steffi Czerny, Selection Committee

A Global Community of Changemakers

The Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Prize fosters a global community of changemakers committed to using technology in service to humanity. Selected from a field of 80 outstanding applications, the 2021 finalists for the Changemaker Prize come from all over the world and work in a wide range of sectors.

Meet the Changemaker finalists and learn about their work.


Caitlin Dolkart

Cofounder, Flare (Kenya)

Proposed Project: Next generation 911 for 4 billion people in cities without an emergency response system

Before founding Flare, Caitlin Dolkart was Malaria Director at the Clinton Foundation, where she was responsible for ensuring that malaria medicines were accessible and affordable. She impacted millions by guaranteeing access to treatment and leading one of the largest public-private partnerships ever funded by the Global Fund and Gates.

Learn more about Flare.

Chris Fabian

Co-Lead, Giga (New York)

Proposed Project: ITU/UNICEF global initiative to connect every school to the internet

Chris Fabian focuses on how the intersection between new technology and global policy can solve the world’s most pressing problems. He has advised two UN Secretary-Generals on new technologies, founded several technology startups as well as UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, and worked with heads of state and CEOs to invest in responsible, forward-looking technologies.

Learn more about Giga.

Alexandra Grigore

Chief Product Officer, Simprints (Great Britain)

Proposed Project: Open-source biometric digital identity for the last mile 

Alexandra Grigore led the development of the first mobile, rugged, and ergonomic fingerprint scanner designed for frontline workers, an end-to-end identity solution for NGOs and governments in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and a contactless camera-based facial recognition system, specifically designed for and with frontline staff in developing countries.

Learn more about Simprints.

Yadin Kaufmann

Founder and Chair, Palestinian Mentorship Program (Israel)

Proposed Project: Empower Palestinian tech leaders and entrepreneurs by connecting them with a global network of mentors

Yadin Kaufmann has spent the past decade helping create a startup ecosystem in Palestine. He cofounded Sadara Ventures, the first fund investing in Palestinian technology companies and prior to that tech-funder Veritas Venture Partners. He is also the founder and chair of Tmura, The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, which donates exit proceeds to nonprofit organizations.

Learn more about PMP.

Laura Kleiman

Founder and CEO, Reboot Rx (Massachusetts)

Proposed Project: Fast-track the development of affordable cancer treatments using AI and repurposed generic drugs

Before founding tech nonprofit Reboot Rx, Laura Kleiman was scientific research director in the Department of Data Sciences at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she launched the cBio Center to accelerate cancer research and improve clinical care using data science. Laura is passionate about collaborating across disciplines and sectors to expand treatment options.

Learn more about Reboot Rx.

Alexander Lavin

Founder and Chief Technologist, Institute for Simulation Intelligence (New York)

Proposed Project: Open-source, modular, and easy-to-use tools to democratize AI-driven simulation in multiple domains

Alexander Lavin is a leading artificial intelligence researcher and software engineer, specializing in probabilistic machine learning and human-centric AI systems. Previously, he founded Latent Sciences, commercializing his novel AI methods for predictive modeling neurodegenerative diseases. He was also a leading research engineer at both Vicarious AI and Numenta.

Learn more about the Institute for Simulation Intelligence.

Topher White

Founder and CEO, Rainforest Connection (California)

Proposed Project: Real-time monitoring for protection and study of remote ecosystems using AI-enabled acoustic tech

Topher White is an expert at building systems for startups as well as international science projects, including four years working on nuclear fusion at ITER in France. He has been named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Draper-Richards-Kaplan Fellow, an “Engineering Hero” by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and a Rolex Associate Laureate.

Learn more about Rainforest Connection.

2021 Applicants

Changemaker applicants came from innovators working in academia, non-profit organizations, corporations, and start-ups of every kind. They come from thirteen countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, and the United States. Their projects ranged across a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture, art, civic engagement, cybersecurity, diversity/equity/inclusion, education, environment, energy, healthcare, law, and social media.


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