2021 Prize Winners

Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Luminary

Sal Khan

Founder and CEO, Khan Academy and Founder, Khan Lab School

We are pleased to honor online education pioneer Sal Khan for his extraordinary lifetime impact expanding access to learning worldwide.

Sal Khan is the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is used in 190 countries by more than 120 million registered users. Digital technologies have been core to Khan Academy’s exponential growth and impact, providing direct access to information via the internet and using software to enhance engagement and learning outcomes. 

Learn more about Sal.

Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Changemakers

We are excited to advance the ambitious work of two extraordinary Changemakers, selected from an extremely competitive field.

Mercy Nyamewaa Asiedu

 Cofounder, GAPHealth Technologies & Cofounder and CTO, Calla Health Foundation


Mercy’s two-fold Changemakers project will develop a mobile application for telemedicine and health record storage in sub-Saharan Africa and validate low-cost technologies for automated cervical cancer screening.

Learn more about Mercy and her Changemaker projects.

Michael Bernstein

Associate Professor, Stanford University


Michael’s Changemaker project aims to reduce bias in artificial intelligence by teaching computers to consider diverse perspectives with a novel machine learning architecture oriented around the metaphor of juries.

Learn more about Michael and his Changemaker project.

A Global Community of Changemakers

The field of candidates who submitted Changemaker proposals are working on tech for good projects all over the world. The breadth and depth of their creativity, their enthusiasm, and their optimism gives us hope for a bright future. Meet the finalists.


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