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Early Computer Films, 1963–1972

From the earliest days of electronic computers, people used them to make art: from drawings to poems, from screenplays to paintings, and from music to films. Our exhibit, “Early Computer Films, 1963-1972” presents breakthrough films in computer animation. Today, this technology is everywhere, from cinema to gaming, and from the web to art galleries. These films document advances in computer animation itself, and are artworks by some of the most important figures in computer art.

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Early Computer Films, 1963-1972 is made possible by the members and supporters of the Computer History Museum.

We would also like to thank a wonderfully generous and helpful community of individuals and organizations who provided materials, permissions, and encouragement for the exhibit:

The AT&T Archives and History Center
Dr. Sheldon Hochheiser, AT&T Corporate Historian
A. Michael Noll
The StanVanDerBeek Archive
Chelsea Spengemann, Director of the Stan VanDerBeek Archive
ZKM Center for Art and Media
Margit Rosen, ZKM
Hartmut Joerg, ZKM
Caroline Csuri
Whitney Editions, LLC
John Whitney Jr.
The Henry Ford
Kristen Gallerneaux, Curator at The Henry Ford
The National Film Board of Canada
Jane Gutteridge, National Film Board of Canada
Ed Catmull
Fred Parke
Pixar Living Archives
Christine Freeman, Pixar
Chris Garcia
Dr. Zabet Patterson


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