Tech x The Future of News Forum

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Technology has revolutionized access to information, enabling news to spread instantly and to reflect and represent diversity. And yet together with this promise comes the risks posed when disinformation goes viral. Amid these changes in the digital era, we have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of newsboth the practice of journalism and the news business itselfwith the intention to restore trust, build shared understanding, preserve the vital role of the free press, and empower citizens to help shape a better future.  

But how? 

Speakers will explore the underlying drivers of change, what’s at stake, and who decides and benefits. Conversations will center on these issues through three interconnected threads: 

  • Evolving audiences engaging with news through technologies in new ways  
  • Tech-powered changes in news creation and consumption—from AI-generated content to news delivery on TikTok
  • Transformation of business models and evolving regulation and policy impacting the industry

Join us for a dynamic and timely public forum on Tech and the Future of News, featuring top newsmakers, experts, and changemakers at the intersection of media and technology.

What You’ll Experience 

  • Learn key takeaways from a new survey and news industry insiders and academics  
  • Hear insights on innovative technologies engaging younger, more diverse audiences and local communities
  • Consider challenges and opportunities for news posed by technologies such as AI-generated content and chatbots and rising platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp
  • Explore evolving business models and policies with leaders shaping the future of the industry

Jun 20, 2023
6:30 pm

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