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Women, especially those in science, technology, and mathematics, and entrepreneurship are often missing from history’s major canons. Even if you didn’t create the problem, once you become aware of it you can debug it. . . . You can become part of the solution.

— Megan Smith, former Chief Technology Officer of the United States

Collaborating with teams across CHM, the Exponential Center’s women in tech initiative recognizes and shares women’s fundamental contributions to technology innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to do our part to support and enable more diversity and inclusion for innovators and entrepreneurs as we move into the future.

Women’s Work: Perspectives On Gender In Tech

News articles and personal stories about gender discrimination and the sexual harassment of women at work are sparking a much-needed conversation. Why are these problems so pervasive and persistent in a number of industries, including technology? How can we be part of the solution? These videos draw on CHM’s collections to share stories, insights, and advice from some of the most successful and powerful women in Silicon Valley tech.

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Debugging Entrepreneurship for Women in Silicon Valley

For decades men persisted as the “poster boys” for tech. This early commonly held script featured men as stars and women as the supporting cast. This has been a topic of ongoing—often heated—debate. Exponential Center Executive Director Marguerite Gong Hancock chronicles the history of women entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the diversity challenges still prevalent today.

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