UpStart: Silicon Valley and Kansas City Startup Stories

Meet the upstarts: risk-takers, visionaries, disruptors, founders, and builders. What makes these people tick and where can they thrive? UpStart is a prototype traveling exhibit about entrepreneurial people, companies, and communities. First up—Kansas City and Silicon Valley.

Exhibit Dates

Now showing in Silicon Valley!

Dec. 18, 2019−Feb. 28, 2020

CHM Main Lobby

Upcoming Events

CHM, Friday, February 21, 7 pm

“Playing by New Rules: Technology Changes the World of Sports”

Details to follow soon…

Exhibit Features

Explore stories from KC founders like Sandy Kemper at C2FO and Toby Rush at ZOLOZ, community builders like Adam Arrendondo, Joni Cobb and Darcy Howe, and stadium design and sports tech champions like Populous and ShotTracker.

Learn about Silicon Valley, from the legendary Apple to fashion innovator StitchFix and the venture capital cluster. Walk in the footsteps of an entrepreneur and discover “One Word” of advice from more than 50 startup leaders. Download an exhibit brochure.

Live events and programs in Kansas City and Silicon Valley amplify exhibit stories and offer networking opportunities. Download a program flier.

Explore UpStart

UpStart companion initiatives include online activities that extend learning beyond the exhibit and provide lessons learned from Kansas City and Silicon Valley on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Explore, learn, and provide feedback about the exhibit and programs in Discover More below.


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