Yunhe Pan

Vice President, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Computer Scientist, University Leader

Yunhe Pan is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) and professor of Zhejiang University. He was the former vice president of CAE and former president of Zhejiang University. Pan is a pioneer in the field of intelligent CAD and computer art in China and has long been working on artificial intelligence, computer graphics, CAD, and industrial design. He has conducted crucial research projects in computer art, intelligent CAD, computer-aided product innovation, virtual reality, as well as digital heritage protection, digital library, smart city, and knowledge center technology. His innovations include the concepts of cross-media intelligence, data ocean, intelligent library, artificial intelligence 2.0, and visual knowledge. In addition to his remarkable scientific achievements, Pan has published a number of research papers and won several national scientific and technological awards.

Pan is the head of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Strategic Advisory Committee, and chair of a number of organizations, including: the Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, the Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance of China, the China Invention Association. In addition, Pan is also the deputy director of the Strategic Emerging Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee and honorary chair of the China Society of Image and Graphics. Pan earned a BS in architecture from Shanghai Tongji University and an MS in computer science from Zhejiang University.


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