Will Travis

CEO/President of Sid Lee

Will Travis is a creative leader of infectious passion, drive and tremendous insight, gleaned from leading global communication agencies, international exploration and motivational speaking. He is a long-term entrepreneur, with a hell-bent focus on creating unique brand experiences with the energy to deliver. He is also proudly a passionate father of four. Will presently sits as the CEO and Senior Partner of Sid Lee USA, an omni International Brand Transformation Agency with over 600 creatives specializing in branding design, architecture, advertising, PR, production, social media and through its partnership with Cirque du Soleil, ground breaking event experiences in the world of live entertainment. Sid Lee also curates commercial Creativity Conference C2Mtl, the world’s most Innovative Conference in creative leadership.

Formally known for his pioneering role as CEO of ATTIK, Will lead the British companys' expansion into the USA, gaining clients Scion, Coca Cola, Nike, Boost, Sony and Microsoft and for driving the evolution of its Publication NOISE, an experimental platform and thought leadership publication that inspired design throughout the 21st century. On ATTIK’s acquisition, Will transitioned to the role of CEO for parent company Dentsu America, charged with evolving the vision, voice and servicing in the USA, a division of the world’s largest agency brand Dentsu. Equally critical in Will’s life is pushing his physical boundaries and as an explorer and mountaineer he has conquered several of the world’s highest mountains, ridden with the worlds hardest land race The Dakar and motor-biked the world’s highest Himalayan pass.

He has partnered on numerous philanthropic causes with actress Emma Thompson on Safe, fashion designer Donna Karan and photographer Russell James on Global Nomad, and recently spent sixteen months living in central Indonesia supporting the creative exploration of raw materials for the betterment of the planet. His fearless hunger for pushing boundaries provides a unique and refreshing worldly perspective for the boards on which he sits, which include TED India, HatchFest, Eskuche, PromaxBDA and Sid Lee.

"Sid Lee is one of the top 5 performing agencies in the world in 2011" – Forbes.


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