Tom Malloy

Former SVP and Chief Software Architect, Adobe

Tom Malloy retired in 2013 after almost 40 years in the computer industry. As senior vice president and chief software architect at Adobe Systems, Malloy managed the Advanced Technology Labs, part of the company's Office of Technology. Spearheading Adobe's long-term research and development initiatives, he led a team of computer scientists delivering the next generations of Adobe software innovations.

Malloy previously held a variety of other senior engineering roles in the organization. He spearheaded the expansion of Adobe's products to the Windows® environment. He managed Adobe’s type department during the creation of breakthrough typefaces and technologies, including the first Japanese typefaces, Adobe Type Manager, and multiple master fonts. He contributed to several portable document technologies, including Acrobat’s document security technologies and the extension of Adobe® PDF as a de facto industry standard for automating document–based enterprise processes.

Prior to joining Adobe in 1986, Malloy worked for Apple Computer, where he helped drive software development for the Lisa computer, the precursor to the Macintosh. Previously, Malloy worked at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where he was the lead engineer of the Bravo document processing system for the Alto computer.

Malloy sits on the board of Aklara, an electronic auction firm, and is a member of ACM. He holds three patents as well as bachelor's degree in mathematical sciences and master's degrees in computer science from Stanford University.


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