Tim McNerney

Tim McNerney is a Senior Engineer at Retica Systems, Inc., a venture- backed startup where he designs occular biometric systems. Tim has a masters degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he developed "tangible user interface" technology that makes computer science more accessible to children through interactive, hands-on learning. Prior to his graduate work, Tim's engineering career spanned VLSI design, mechanical CAD tools, and symbolic computation.

From conception through construction, Tim McNerney assembled and led a talented team of engineers and designers to create the Intel 4004 35th anniversary exhibit for the Intel Museum. Critical to the success of the project were "digital archeology" efforts performed in collaboration with the Computer History Museum. Tim will talk about the process of reverse-engineering of the Intel 4004 schematics and the Busicom 141-PF calculator ROMs that led his team to uncover elegantly crafted layers of a computational system that makes optimal use of hardware and software.


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