Thomas Proulx

Cofounder, Intuit, Inc.

Thomas Proulx is a pioneer in the consumer software industry as co-founder of software giant Intuit and author of the company’s flagship personal finance product, Quicken, whose development began in Tom’s Stanford dorm room in 1983. Today Intuit is one of the leading software companies in the world, with annual revenues of $6 billion and a market capitalization of almost $70 billion.

Tom and cofounder, Scott Cook, were co-recipients of the Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the University of Southern California’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Tom was also one of the first recipients of the Silicon Valley Forum’s Software Visionary Award.

After Intuit, Tom co-founded and served as chairman of the board of Netpulse, Inc., a venture-backed fitness-tech company recently acquired by the German fit-tech company, eGym GmbH, and Tom now serves on the eGym board of directors. He has advised and served on the boards of numerous angel- and venture-backed technology startup companies, including iControl, Plumchoice, and Dropwater.

Today, the two startups Tom spends most of his time with are 1047 Games, a video game startup founded by his son, Ian (which Ian started—where else?—in his dorm room at Stanford), and his daughter, Audrey’s, pop music career (

Tom earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he was a Hughes Fellow. He has been a passionate adventure racer for two decades with his team “And Loving It!” and last fall just completed his lifelong #1 bucket list item: riding his bike across America, from San Diego to Florida.


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