Ted Kaehler

Scientist, Viewpoints Research Institute

Ted Kaehler is a scientist at Viewpoints Research Institute. He met Dan Ingalls in 1972 and worked for Ingalls and Alan Kay on every version of Smalltalk and Squeak. He did both "applications" like a music editor and painting system, and the deeper OOZE object-oriented virtual memory. Kaehler was on the four-person team that built Smalltalk-76 in nine months. At Apple he advised and worked with Bill Atkinson during the creation of HyperCard. He also wrote the storage manager and garbage collector for Squeak Smalltalk on the Mac, and co-authored Apple's open source license for Squeaka first for a company like Apple. Moving with Kay and Ingalls to Disney, Kaehler created the find-a-method-by-example feature, the update mechanism, and a painting system for Etoys, a tile programming system for kids.


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