Stewart Brand

Perhaps best known as the founder, editor, and publisher of the "Whole Earth Catalog," Stewart Brand is also an inventor, designer, and thinker. Trained as a biologist and army officer, he was an early multimedia artist. Brand has created a number of institutions, including the New Games Tournaments in 1974, The Hackers Conference in 1984, The WELL in 1985, Global Business Network in 1987, and The Long Now Foundation in 1996. His books include "Cybernetic Frontiers" (1974), "The Media Lab" (1987), How Buildings Learn" (1994), and "The Clock of the Long Now" (1999).

These days he's the president of The Long Now Foundation (which is building a 10,000-year clock and library) and a co-founder of the All Species Inventory and the Long Bets Foundation while continuing as a consultant with Global Business Network, serving as a trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, and occasionally consulting for Ecotrust.


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