Steve Young

Founder and CTO Bam Labs Inc.

Mr. Young is responsible for cofounding and developing the product vision for BAM Labs. In his previous role at Digeo, he served as Vice President of Hardware and Operations, responsible for innovation in engineering and manufacturing to drive the development of Digeo’s consumer products.

Before Digeo, Mr. Young co-founded Cepheid, where as lead engineering architect, he ran product development from inception through production. While at Cepheid, Mr. Young developed patented DNA analysis instruments to accurately and quickly diagnose dangerous diseases. Cepheid has become an invaluable biological agent detection system for the U.S. Government's analysis of Anthrax and other biological warfare agents. In June 2000, Mr. Young led Cepheid through a successful initial public offering.

His pioneering work in the computer field led to the development of the groundbreaking PowerBook® Duo sub-notebook during his more than ten years at Apple Computer. While there, he managed a team of greater than 100 and was responsible for PowerBook Duo's architecture, engineering and manufacturing. During his tenure, PowerBook won numerous accolades, including Business Week's prestigious Product of the Year award.

Mr. Young also spent six years at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where he secured his first patents as a research design engineer. Young holds more than 30 patents for advanced electronics systems, DNA analysis techniques, robotic hands and other technologies.

Mr. Young holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


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