Steve Scheier

Steve Scheier is a Human Resources consultant specializing in the areas of executive coaching, employee communication, talent acquisition and organizational development. He has also served as a Vice-President of Human Resources in two technology companies. He is one elusive course away from completing his MA in Organizational Development at the University of San Francisco. He has two degrees from UC Berkeley and two wonderful daughters, neither of whom thankfully witnessed the events of late 1983 and early 1984.

Steve joined Apple in early 1982 to run a Steve Jobs inspired project called " Kids Can't Wait ". This program ultimately donated over 9,000 Apple IIe computers to schools throughout California. In the fall of 1983, Jobs summoned Steve to his office and asked him to interview for the Macintosh Product Introduction Manager position. After 11 interviews, all in the same day, with the other members of the team, Steve was offered the position.

In this role, working for Mike Murray, Steve was responsible for making certain that the larger Apple organization worked effectively with the Macintosh division to support the launch. He had a significant role in the creation of the launch materials, the launch events and the initial sales programs. In addition, he mediated many disputes within the group and was a witness to many acts that, even now, are best not discussed.


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