Sohie Pal

CHM Teen Intern Alumna

Sohie Pal is a junior at Carlmont High School in Belmont, CA. She joined CHM in 2018, developing activity stations and delivering tours to museum visitors in the Teen Internship Program. As a current member of the CHM Teen Content Team, she works with other teen alumni to create informational content about artificial intelligence and innovation to reflect teen perspectives. She is a member of her school's Associative Student Body as a part of the Reach Out Commission, creating a safe environment for students with autism and learning disabilities. She hosts events such as potlucks, game days, and dances to increase social interaction among students of all backgrounds. As the club president, Sohie facilitates lunchtime activities for special education students and introduces them to school-wide events, fostering a traditional high school experience. Outside of school, Sohie conducts research in chemical synthesis and organic chemistry with the Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program.


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