Sheldon Jacobs

Sheldon Jacob's career at IBM spanned 38 years, where he was a Planning Manager for many successful midrange computing products. He joined IBM as a Sales Representative in the Chicago Downtown sales office in 1952 and moved to Endicott, NY in 1957 as a planner for the IBM 1401 Data Processing System, where he established preannouncement field case studies and classes and played a critical role developing a business case to support the 1401's announcement. In 1960, he took a Planning Manager position for midrange products in San Jose, including the early development of the 1401-compatible IBM 1440 Data Processing System. In 1962 he became a consultant in Corporate Marketing in Armonk, NY evaluating low-end products and outside proposals. In 1965, he returned to San Jose working on products for new markets. He then did various planning jobs for Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD), including the IBM 3340. In 1982, when IBM was hit with law suits by competitors, he was assigned as Litigation Support Manager in the General Products Division. He retired from IBM in 1990 and spends his time doing a variety of volunteer activities. Shel graduated from University of Illinois in 1952 with a BS in Accounting.


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