Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy co-founded Sun Microsystems with Bill Joy, Vinod Khosla and Andy Bechtolshem in 1982, taking the reins as CEO in 1984.

McNealy is one of the most influential and widely quoted leaders in the complex, fluid, and fast-moving IT industry. Throughout his career, McNealy has trained his focus on maintaining and growing Sun's reputation as a constant innovator and strong competitor.

McNealy's ideas about computing often predate industry trends. For more than a decade, he has been advancing Sun's slogan, The Network Is The Computer -- a succinct statement of the company's vision of seamless connectivity.

McNealy, an amateur ice hockey player, shies away from controversial issues in the computer world about as much as he avoids a defenseman's check in the rink. His tenacity and willingness to address tough issues head on has earned him both respect and admiration. Whether he's testifying before Congress or speaking out in favor of the U.S. government's antitrust lawsuits, McNealy can be found fighting for choice. As he often says, "Without choice, there is no competition. Without competition, there is no innovation. And without innovation, you are left with very little."

McNealy graduated from Harvard with a BA in Economics. He followed that with an MBA from Stanford. Those two formative years on "the farm" soon spawned a little startup known as SUN, originally an acronym for the Stanford University Network.


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