Russ Robelen

Russ Robelen started with IBM in 1956, fresh out of RPI, with a BS degree in Physics. During his 9 years in Poughkeepsie he worked on several machines including the 750 (a machine IBM never produced), the 7090, and finally the Model 50 in the 360 Series. In 1965 Russ joined the ACS Lab in California and was there until 1970 when he left IBM to start a new computer company called Mascor (Multi Access System Corp.) This was a short-lived venture; and, when the company folded in 1970, he became a founding partner of Idanta Partners, a national venture capital firm. At Idanta he was involved with the seed capital round in Prime Computer and served on the Board for four years. Russ left Idanta in 1973 and became an independent consultant to computer companies, users of large systems and venture capital firms looking to invest in the computer technology sector. He continued in this endeavor for 14 years before rejoining Idanta Partners in 1988. During his second stint with Idanta Russ was involved with the firm’s investment in Stac Electronics and served on the Board for a number of years. In 1994 he joined InnoCal, a new venture capital firm, funded by the California State Teachers Pension Fund. Russ retired from InnoCal in 2002.


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