Ron Goedendorp

Vice President of Space Opportunities, NanoRacks

Although his actual title is Vice President of Space Opportunities for NanoRacks LLC, Ronald Goedendorp (@gorongo) often introduces himself as VP of Product Launches since he helps deliver customer's products...into orbit!

In his current role, Ron develops platforms and opportunities for microgravity research, testing, and commercial applications from concept through deployment into LEO, on the International Space Station (ISS), and other orbits. His work with colleagues in academia, government, and private industry has advanced the new space ecosystem. Ron believes that within ten years, space derived data and novel products will impact every industry and create $3+ trillion in value. He has been based in Silicon Valley, but has a wealth of global experience. He is on the board of a few select companies.

Ron has the energy of youth, but brings the experience of 20 years in business and corporate development for imaging systems, aerospace, semiconductors, sensors, medical devices, financial analytics and risk industries.

He has M&A and deals over $200 million and secured over $20 million in venture capital. He is a former CEO, COO and analyst with clients and customers including GE, AIG, AON, Zurich, Bertelsmann, Norsk-Hydro, General Physics and Texas Instruments.

Ron received his degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and is a co-founder of the UCSD Bay Area Alumni Scholarship Fund. He speaks English, Dutch, German, and French. Ron enjoys racing, sailing, cycling and anything turbocharged.


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