Roger J. Sippl

Roger Sippl has over twenty years of senior operations and chief executive experience with technology companies. He was founder of Informix Software, Inc. in 1980. Under his direction, Informix pioneered SQL relational databases, 4GL application development tools, and OLTP database technology for the UNIX operating environment, personal computers and networks. He was the first chairman of the SQL Access Group, and served on the X/Open Board of Directors representing the software industry. Mr. Sippl also served on the UNIX International Executive Committee and is a founding board member of Uniforum, the first UNIX trade organization and show.

Mr. Sippl was a co-founder and chairman of The Vantive Corporation serving on the board for nine years from 1990 until 1998. Vantive went public in 1995.

Mr. Sippl founded Visigenic Software in 1993, and helped pioneer application servers and distributed object computing in enterprises. Visigenic went public in 1996 and was acquired in 1998.

During the nineties, Mr. Sippl invested privately in several other software companies, including Illustra (acquired by Informix) and Red Pepper (acquired by PeopleSoft).

Mr. Sippl is now managing partner of Sippl Macdonald Ventures. Mr. Sippl participates in board level, advisory and investment activities with over twenty high technology companies. Sippl Macdonald Ventures invested in private rounds of BroadVision (NASDAQ BVSN), Kiva (acquired by Netscape) and Critical Path (IPO March, 1999). Mr. Sippl is currently on the boards of SupportSoft, Inc., Haht Software and is an advisor to TimesTen , Inc., a main memory database company. Mr. Sippl was also a shareholder of Cloudscape, Inc., an all Java DBMS provider, acquired by Informix.

Recently Mr. Sippl has founded a new web services company, currently code-named BAM! Software, which will debut in the summer of 2003.

Mr. Sippl holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.


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