Richard Tennant

Tennant has been a weekly editorial cartoonist for both Computerworld and Federal Computer Week for over 10 years. He is the author of The 5thWave - BYTE-ing Humor (1992), Version 2.0 : More Byte-Ing from The 5th Wave (1995) and, most recently, Downloaded (2000). He is also resident cartoonist for the best-selling "Dummies..." books.

Acknowledged by Forbes ASAP magazine as the "father of the modern computer cartoon," Rich Tennant has also been recognized by the ACM and the National Academy of Engineering. His portrait was featured amongst the communicators in the "Wizards and Their Wonders: Portraits in Computing" exhibit (and companion book), published by The Computer Museum in 1997. Rich has been featured in newspapers and on television, and has given presentations at seminars, conferences, and user groups across the country.

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