Richard Frank

Richard Frank, has over thirty years of experience in software design and development, hardware prototyping, engineering management, and even a short stint as a venture capital investor. His expertise extends across a wide range of products from early development on Control Data's scientific mainframe operating systems and Fortran compilers to more recent work on the development of wireless mesh networks at Skypilot. Richard's consulting work for the Navy's Fleet Numerical Weather Central focused on developing the Navy's PC environmental display system (NEDS) software and hardware. As a consultant to Commodore Computer's Chuck Peddle he worked on cross assemblers and the early development of the Commodore VIC system. He was contacted by Adam Osborne through mutual acquaintances at Commodore and Godbout Computers and was asked to develop a software test fixture for the early board design. He developed the first BIOS and the CP/M® application software interface for the Osborne -1. Richard was a founder and the CEO of Sorcim, Inc., an early PC software company which developed a set of cross assemblers, a Pascal compiler and a set of applications for CP/M® including the popular spreadsheet program SuperCalc. Along with Wordstar, SuperCalc was one of the software applications that was bundled with the Osborne-1. After Sorcim was sold to Computer Associates, Richard joined Software Publishing as CTO and VP of Engineering. While at SPC he oversaw the first Windows version of Harvard Graphics. Later he became the CTO and Director of Portable Devices for InterTrust where his group developed the first portable Digital Rights Management system. He currently maintains his own consulting firm, Denken Systems Inc.


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