Mel Stuckey

Mr. Stuckey in 2003 founded The Decaf Company, LLC; an advanced polymers research company that has developed and patented high-tech polymers that can decaffeinate coffee, tea and soft drinks by the individual serving. He currently is CEO and Chairman.

He co-founded CEOJumpstart, an organization with ten limited partners that helps young Bay Area companies achieve operational goals and monetize.

In the mid 1980’s Mr. Stuckey founded and grew into an international public company, the Fourth Shift Corporation (FSFT on NASDAQ). FSFT developed and marketed mission-critical enterprise software. FSFT was the first American company with a 100% owned subsidiary in Mainland China. China today continues to be a primary market for the software company. FSFT was purchased for cash by another public company in 2001.

Mr. Stuckey previously held executive positions in Control Data Corporation and the IBM Corp.

Mr. Stuckey has recently or does today serve on the following Boards:
• SBE Corp (NASDAQ, SBEI) – Audit and Compensation
• CEOJumpstart – Executive Committee
• Community Presbyterian Church – Board of Elders
• ULTRADATA Corp (NASDAQ, ULTD) – Audit and Compensation – Company was acquired
• Fourth Shift Corporation (NASDAQ, FSFT) – Chairman – Retired


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