Marc Weber

Internet History Program Curatorial Director, CHM

Marc Weber was the founding curator of CHM's Internet History Program. He pioneered web history as early as 1995, and his initial investigations as a journalist became the Web History Project, which assembled the first archive of early web materials and interviewed over 80 key figures. Weber organized events that brought together web, hypertext, and ARPANET innovators. Prior to joining CHM, he cofounded the Web History Center, whose members include Stanford, the Internet Archive, SRI, and SLAC.

Weber has been interviewed on web history topics by major media from the BBC to American Public Radio’s "Marketplace," presented at international conferences, consulted for patent cases and companies, and served as an advisor to documentaries from the History and Discovery channels.

An award-winning technology writer and journalist, Weber has been author or editor of four how-to guides for computer consultants. He holds bachelor's degrees in neurobiology and creative writing from Brown University.


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