Julie Hanna

Kiva Executive Chairman & Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship

Julie Hanna is a technologist, entrepreneur, investor and advisor who works with purpose-driven companies aiming to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. In 2015, President Obama appointed her Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. She is Executive Chairman of Kiva, peer-peer lending pioneer and the world's largest crowdfunding marketplace for underserved entrepreneurs. During her tenure, Kiva has reached 190 countries and delivered nearly $1 Billion loans to over 2 million people.

Serving in roles that ranged from founding executive to founder and CEO, Hanna has pioneered products and led companies that have allowed millions of people to connect, communicate and collaborate globally. Among them, Healtheon (WebMD), onebox.com (Unwired Planet), Portola (acquired by Netscape) and open source innovator, Scalix.

Hanna’s journey to the front lines of the tech revolution began on the front lines of war. An Egyptian immigrant and refugee, her work is rooted in her belief that technology’s democratizing power can enable a more just and abundant world at mass scale. In recognition of her vision and global impact on economic and social progress, Hanna was named the United States Woman Icon of APEC and is a recipient of the 2016 Global Empowerment Award.


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