Joseph DiNucci

Joe DiNucci is a sales and marketing veteran of more than thirty years in Silicon Valley and forty years in high technology. Joe spent from 1972 to 1989 at Digital Equipment Corporation, sold everything from PDP-8s to RISC-powered systems, started a revolution by importing MIPS' RISC chip and built a $2B workstation business. He joined MIPS as VP of Strategy Development, and engaged Bill Gates in the deal that got Microsoft to develop Windows NT on the MIPS R4000 chip. When Silicon Graphics acquired MIPS in 1992 Joe was hired as VP Automotive and Aerospace Industries. In 1995 Joe became VP Marketing, and recruited the legendary Bob Lutz, president of Chrysler, then vice chairman of GM, onto SGI's board.

In 1998, as VP Business Development for Epiphany, the company which pioneered CRM, Joe helped design the business model, and he recruited the early sales force and initial customers including Autodesk and FedEx.

Joe started his professional coaching practice "Surviving Success" in 2005, to serve Silicon Valley professionals. In 2007 he helped launch Coulomb Technologies to build a network of public charging stations for electric vehicles. In 2009, Joe became a partner in Enabling Thought Leadership LLC, a social media company.

He holds a BSME from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from Duquesne University, both in Pittsburgh. He earned his coaching credentials from New Ventures West in San Francisco. He has lectured at Stanford, MIT, Santa Clara and Oxford.


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