Jordan Mechner

Jordan Mechner is one of the best-known creators in the fast growing videogame industry. His first two titles, Karateka and Prince of Persia-both #1 bestsellers-broke new ground by fusing fast-paced arcade action with cinematic storytelling. Prince of Persia went on to win thundering accolades, inspire a generation of gamers, and sell over 2 million copies. Mechner wrote, designed and directed a successful sequel, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, and the critically acclaimed, award-winning 1997 CD-ROM adventure game The Last Express. In 1999, PC Gamer named Mechner a "Game God."

Mechner has also written and directed two short documentary films. Waiting for Dark, filmed in Havana, Cuba, was honored at international festivals including Bahia, Philadelphia, and Bilbao. Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story, featuring music by Ry Cooder and narration by Cheech Marin, premiered at the 2003 AFI Film Festival and won "Best Short" at the IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards.

In 2001, Mechner joined forces with Ubisoft Entertainment to reinvent Prince of Persia for next-generation consoles. Produced at Ubisoft's Montreal studio, with Mechner as writer, game designer and creative consultant, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time received rave reviews and has become one of the top-selling titles of the 2003-04 holiday season.


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