John Zasio

John Zasio, co-author of "Right the First Time, A Practical Handbook on High Speed PCB and System Design," is an industry-recognized expert in high-speed design and serves as a Technical Advisor to Speeding Edge. He has more than 39 years experience in electrical engineering and his expertise spans a broad range of PCB, ASIC, gate array, standard cell, high-speed circuit and power subsystem designs. In addition to serving as a technical advisor to Speeding Edge, Zasio also serves as a Technology Advisor to Anagran Inc. where he has been responsible for developing the hardware architecture for the design of a very high-end fiber optics router. Previously, he served as a Technology Consultant on a number of high speed design projects and was responsible for IC design and packaging, PCB design rules, high-speed circuit design, EMI, power subsystems and testing for a variety of clients including AMP, Alpine Microsystems, Caspian and Intuitive Surgical. His earlier positions include serving as Chief Technologist for Hal Computer Systems; Executive VP of R&D for Aida Corporation; VP of Technology Development for STC Computer Research; VP of Engineering for Microtechnology Corporation; Manager of Electrical Engineering for Amdahl Corp.; Manager of Electrical Engineering for Mascor Corp. and Manager of Circuit Development for IBM Corporation.

Zasio holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of Cincinnati and pursued graduate studies at Syracuse University. He holds 33 patents in the areas of high- speed circuit design, IC design, software design, verification tools, scan-based test methodology, electron beam pattern generation, semiconductor test equipment and hardware simulation accelerators.


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