John Daleske

John Daleske developed Empire, the first networked multiplayer arena shooter-style game in 1973 while a student at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. He also designed Dungeon and consulted on the design of Panzer, an interactive tank simulation. From 1976 to 1980 John worked for Control Data on their PLATO system as a courseware reviewer, developer on the courseware management system, and system programmer. He began the effort to add advanced language analysis capabilities to the system. John managed the consulting team that developed the MicroTutor executor in C allowing it to be ported to many platforms.

John has a consultancy developing distributed Auto-ID and RFID applications on rugged mobile devices. Prior to that he worked on the strategic marketing team at Lucent Technologies, carrier marketing at Ascend Communications, and regional systems engineering manager in the carrier division for Stratus Computer; all these positions focused primarily in telecommunications. At Stratus, John led the design of a new highly fault-tolerant system for AT&T which was used as the platform for 800 number switching and local number portability. In the 1980s, John consulted at Bell Labs on the architecture team for the Network Management Operations System and as a system tester on the factory automation team. There, he designed the "Event Logger" with the design goal of being reusable, receiving the Laboratory 5947 1986 Software Reuse award. The Event Logger was integrated into the Tuxedo development environment.


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