Jesper Frank Nemholt

Manager of Network Operations Americas, Genentech

At Genentech, I spend my time managing the network infrastructure team, connecting everything from DNA sequencers and high performance compute clusters to the remote offices and wireless access to phones and laptops for the employees in North & South America.

I grew up in Denmark where I studied computer science. After graduating I worked for a few years at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Copenhagen with UNIX and storage before I relocated to Madrid in Spain. DEC was bought by Compaq and Compaq was bought by HP and I stayed on through both mergers but finally moved on to Roche (who owns Genentech) in 2003. After 10 years with Roche in Madrid, I relocated to San Francisco for a new position with Genentech.

My free time I spend with my family and with mountaineering, cycling and all sorts of mechanical & electrical projects at home....and I’m probably the only one in town that has a 48 unit fully loaded 19" server rack in my garage.


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