Jarl Mohn

President and CEO, NPR

Jarl Mohn is President and CEO of NPR, one of the country's most iconic news and cultural content organizations. In this capacity, Mohn oversees NPR's global operations and partnerships with more than a thousand public radio stations, serving over 30 million people who listen to NPR programming each week.

His work with NPR is a return to his broadcast radio roots. Mohn has held almost every job in radio, having spent almost two decades early in his career as a disc jockey on WNBC-AM in New York, programmer, general manager, and owner of a group of radio stations. He's served on the board of trustees of Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) for more than a decade, including two years as chairman.
The creator of E! Entertainment Television, Mohn served as its president and CEO for almost a decade. He is the former executive vice president and general manager of MTV and VH1 where he architected the strategy of long-form programming at the heart of the network today and diversified the networks' audiences by developing innovative programming around alternative music formats, including leading the team that developed the show Yo! MTV Raps. He is also founding president and CEO of Liberty Digital, a public company that invested in cable networks and Internet and online businesses.

Most recently, he's served as a corporate director and advisor to a number of media companies, making direct early stage angel and seed investments in digital media/technology ventures. He and his wife Pamela created The Mohn Family Foundation in 2000.
He attended Temple University, where he studied Mathematics and Philosophy.


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