Jack Busch

Founder and Managing Partner, Busch International (retired)

Jack Busch was the founder and Managing Partner of Busch International, an executive search firm headquartered in Los Altos. Jack started Busch International in 1985 in San Francisco and located to his Silicon Valley offices in 1987. Jack has focused his worldwide search business on high technology placements; concentrating on systems, software, communications, energy generation, energy storage and application software.

Jack's successful early history in search began with Vice President and CEO placements with Sun, Silicon Graphics, Atmel, Covad, Nvidia, Sun Power etc. and continues to this day. Jack has completed over 300 CEO and Vice President placements both in the United States and worldwide including China, India, France and the United Kingdom. Busch International has been featured both on the NBC Today show and locally on CBS Channel 5.

Prior to starting Busch International, Jack was the Director of Major Accounts at Intel Corporation. In this role Jack had sales responsibility for Intel's major customers working at the CEO and Vice Presidential levels to build partnerships, strategic alliances and promote Intel's Architecture. Early in that tenure, which is now ancient computer history, his customers were Burroughs, NCR, DEC, Sperry Univac, HP and IBM.

Jack is a graduate of Southern Oregon University that is located in his hometown of Ashland, Oregon. He also holds a MBA from the same University.

Throughout his career Jack has served on private, public, and non-profit boards including "That Man May See" and "Vista Center" in the Bay Area.


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