Irene Smith

Aeronautics Engineer, Software, NASA Ames Research Center

I am a software engineer who has fun coding. As a young engineer, I worked for Westinghouse on robots that are welding car parts. One day, I observed an engineer programming the welding patterns for the robot — that was the moment I decided I wanted to code. With a degree in electrical engineering from CMU, I went to Hewlett-Packard. At HP, I was exposed to security while working one of the first online banking solutions. Now I work for NASA in the Aeronautics division. We are prototyping flight traffic management for small Unmanned Arial Vehicles (sUAV) to help the Federal Avionics Administration (FAA) learn how regulate sUAV airspaces. We partner with commercial companies that are delivering packages (and other use commercial cases) to help the FAA ensure the airspace is secure, safe, efficient and fair. I have fun on the job because I like make things that are clean and simple. I also like to work in a team. If you like to make things, Software Engineering could be fun for you, too!


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