Ingrid Carlbom

Professor and Business Executive

Ingrid Carlbom is the founder and CEO of CADESS.AI AB, a company specializing in AI-based support solutions for the diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer. A professor emeritus at Uppsala University, Sweden, she was previously director of visual communications research in the multimedia communications research laboratory at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies. Carlbom also served as manager of visualization research at Digital Equipment Corporation's Cambridge Research Lab and as program leader for the Graphical Modeling Program at Schlumberger-Doll Research.

Carlbom received a PhD in computer science from Brown University, an MS in computer science from Cornell University, and a Fil.Kand. from Stockholm University in Sweden. She has been active in SIGGRAPH and served on the editorial boards of a number of IEEE publications. She chaired the board of the graduate school in mathematics and computing at Uppsala University. She received the Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa from Uppsala University and the Distinguished Graduate School Alumna Award from Brown University.


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