Harry Sello

Dr. Harry Sello is President of Harry Sello & Associates, Menlo Park, California. The company operates from an extensive base resulting from Sello's almost fifty years experience in the components and computer high-tech industry originating in "Silicon Valley" California.

Sello starting in 1957, working with Nobel Laureate Dr. William Shockley at the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory for two years, followed by twenty-two years at Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation; there he served in a variety of executive management positions in research and development and manufacturing. For two years Sello was Capital Operations Manager of the then Fairchild affiliate, SGS Italy. In 1976, he achieved a breakthrough 10-year agreement with the Tungsram Company of Hungary for the sale and manufacture of integrated circuits.

Sello is an original researcher and authority in materials and processes for device technology in the fields of Si materials, electromigration, metallization, photolithography, and device fabrication. He has major publications, including a chapter in the “Handbook of Thin Film Technology.”

Dr. Sello has been an expert witness in numerous litigation cases, including testimony before the International Arbitration Court in London, and the U.S. Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.


Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Missouri, 1948
Senior staff, Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, Mt. View, CA
Executive positions, Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., 1959-1981
President, Harry Sello & Associates, 1982-present


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